From a simple deli sandwich to an executive boxed lunch; a hot breakfast to a buffet lunch for large training sessions – corporate catering in Calgary requires careful planning. Understanding your guest demographics and meeting time frame will help direct the menu choices and food portioning. Simply Elegant Catering customizes menus to give your guests the ultimate in variety and remember to be sensitive to food allergies, ethnic and religious considerations. Budget conscious companies can enjoy our money saving meals utilizing our Weekly Specials.

Choose a catering company that takes the time to listen to your needs. Your caterer should deliver the highest quality of service throughout the year including peak seasons and be committed to pride in food presentation to keep it fun and varied.

Reasons for Catering Hiccups: Did you confirm both eating and delivery times? Is the meeting a different address from your billing address? Is your loading dock difficult? Are you having a fire drill today? Let the caterer know if you only have stairs. Deliveries are affected by Calgary blizzards, infamous road construction and special events like Stampede.  Inform the office of the food delivery if you will not be present to receive it. Never assume – always ask your caterer questions. Don’t forget drinks and disposables and ask about potential food allergies.

Food expectations vary greatly from one company to another so be mindful of food styles – healthy  vs. comfort food; sit down hot lunch vs easy to eat for Lunch and Learn’s. Your budget is proportional to food quantity, quality and style so utilize Simply Elegant Catering our Weekly Specials for variety and greater savings. Discuss platter pick up when ordering as it is usually the next working day after food deliveries. Manage your sandwich variety by changing up the type of breads and fillings for your staff.

Vegetarian Menu Ideas

  • Baked summer fruits served with a of plain very low-fat fromage frais, followed by a slice of sesame Ryvita topped sliced apple and lemon curd. For the summer fruits, bake raspberries, peaches, strawberries and blackberries.
  • Pea and pumpkin curry with steamed Thai fragrant rice.
  • Vegetable moussaka

Lactose Intolerant Menu Ideas

  • Orange juice, calcium fortified
  • Turkey on Italian bread with Mayonnaise
  • Roast beef with Noodles and Broccoli

Celiac Menu Ideas

  • Eggs, Canadian bacon or turkey bacon
  • Stir-fry with meat, poultry, seafood and chopped vegetables served over brown rice
  • Pudding, ice cream or yogurt topped with berries and whipped topping

Peanut Allergy Menu Ideas

  • Order simple dishes with only a few recipe ingredients.
  • Avoid sauces unless you’re sure they don’t contain nuts.
  • Confirm with kitchen that food processors, cutting boards, pans, knives, or other food preparation equipment have not been used for nuts.

Fish Allergy Menu Ideas

  • Aerosolized fish proteins inhalation causes allergic reactions so people with fish allergies should avoid hibachi-style communal grill menus.
  • Sushi offers high risk for cross-contamination due to the close proximity of fish and non-fish items.
  • People with fish allergies should avoid eating any other food fried in the same oil.

Low Sodium Menu Ideas

  • Avoid instant rice, pasta, and other pre-packaged foods, since they often have a high salt content.
  • Choose raw nuts over salted, roasted nuts, unsalted nuts or seeds, dried beans, peas and lentils unsalted popcorn or fresh fruit instead.
  • Choose any menu that is created using fresh, frozen or canned food items that are processed without added salts.

Muslim Food Restrictions

  • Avoid any pork dishes at a banquet when Muslims are in attendance because the other dishes might become contaminated in preparation or serving.
  • Do not serve alcohol in the presence of guests, especially government or religious officials, from the more fundamentalist Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait; even if you know that the individual may drink in private. Many Muslims, Muslims fast until sundown during the month of Ramadan.

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