When hiring a catering service in Calgary, it is important to understand the distinction between the various types of catering menu available. Basically, the menu that you choose has to coincide with the type of event that you need catered. There are so many different reasons to hire a caterer, like for business events, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, home model showcases and more. The type of catering menu that you select should resemble the theme of your event in some way.

Corporate catering

If it is a corporate event, then your menu should have food listed that your guests would like to have. For example, if you are doing business with a southern company from the United States, then you might want to have food from that region on your menu. This may include grits, fried chicken, biscuits, stuffed ham, cornbread and etc. After all, the point of a corporate party is to try and please your guests because you want them to do business with you. If they are happy with the food on the menu then they will be happy with you. That is the logic behind planning ahead when choosing your catering menu.

Wedding catering

Another popular form of catering is for weddings. What is unique about a catered wedding event is that the food preferences really coincide with the preferences of the bride and groom. The guests are just attending the event in order to see a wedding, so you are not trying to “sell” them anything like you would at a corporate event. The menu of a wedding is pretty typical; however, you will find a lot of sweets there. Most particularly, you will find wedding cake, pie, cookies and so on. The main meals are whatever the bride and groom picked out. Their food choices could be due to their cultural upbringings with certain foods. Chances are the guests coming to the wedding share those cultural interests and will love the food being served. So, there shouldn’t be any issues here.

Events catering

Many people don’t realize that concession catering takes place at most sporting events. An example of such event catering is Calgary Stampede. All of the hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and chili at sporting events come from caterers. It sure doesn’t appear as professional as a corporate event, but these caterers work just as hard to cook and prepare the food like any other caterer would. The menus are simple enough, but that’s okay because people are mainly at the event to see a game and have a good time doing that.

Make sure you check our catering menus section and let us know if you prefer to pick of the existing packages or order a custom order for your event, wedding or a corporate banquet.

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