One of the largest checks that you’ll be able to cut on your wedding day will be the cost of the wedding catering. Food and beverages can definitely eat up the budget and usually accounts for about 40 to 50 percent of the entire wedding budget.

It’s quite unbelievable isn’t it? Think about eating out in a typical restaurant for dinner, the overall cost of medium-size meal for one is roughly 30 dollars for each with tip and tax, not including alcohol.

Consider this number and then multiply by 200 people, it will total to about 6,000 dollars, scary enough right? However, it’ll be more terrifying when you actually add more glasses of wine, tables for dessert, and cocktail hour! The number will be doubled! Catering is not cheap indeed; fortunately there are things that you can do to save on your next catering order.

Saving on Wedding Catering Costs

Tip #1: Cut out your starter course, try offering canapés during drinks reception. This will help you save on cutlery, crockery, staff, and equipment.

Tip #2: Save the meat for main dish. Try serving vegetarian starters and canapés, or risotto in shot glass, vegetarian rice roll, or asparagus.

Tip #3: Replace your starter course with an option of bread and dipping oil.

Tip #4: Champagne is good but you may also choose cava, wine, or prosecco to add some touch of luxury minus the high price. Your guests will never see a difference.

Tip #5: Serve the foods in a family style, this means three to four dishes will be served as the starter and the guests will serve themselves, the same case with your main course. This enables you to have formal dinner with informal service as well as cheaper costs.

Tip #6: Save the wedding cake for dessert. By doing this, you will surely save a lot of money and the guests will definitely eat the cake! If you serve desserts and then the wedding cake, you’ll have lots of leftovers.

Tip #7: Serve the costly drinks early so that your guests will remember them as well as enjoy their tastes. At the very end of your event, you’ll see lots of glasses still half full which will only be wasted. So, in order to avoid such a waste on such pricey items, serve them early on.

Tip #8: For evening buffet, you do not have to cater for all the guests for only few will eat during this time. Normally, half of the guests or less will touch the buffet.

Tip #9: You can add some touch of luxury into the presentation by adding raspberries in the bubbly or adding some small orange and cucumber slices into the water glasses. The presentation says a lot about the event, but small touch will surely make an impact to it.

Tip#10: Serve cold starter and cold canapés. Hot meals need more equipment, and it means more costs. Additionally, if you don’t have enough time, you’ll never worry about foods coming out rather cold. It’s win – win scenario for you!

We don’t want you to have a cheap wedding. We want you to have a happy wedding that leaves you with plenty of memories and some money left for your honeymoon. We hope that these 10 tips to save on wedding catering will help you make your catering order informed and the wedding day happy! Feel free to leave a comment or two if you liked the article.

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