Corporate catering needs a lot of special considerations when compared to a traditional catered event, like birthdays and parties. A corporate event usually means that it is related to a business gathering where one company is trying to impress the representatives of another company by looking professional.

Corporate event catering is more about presentation than anything else. Not only will the food be rich, but the dining table sets will look neat and organized. You will even have waiters that will take people’s plates when they are done.

The event ambiance

A corporate event is all about making the attendees feel as comfortable as possible. Chances are the event may be trying to sell a product or service that the hosting company is offering. So, if the clients are impressed with the professionalism of the event then they will likely be tempted to invest their money into what the company is selling.

Know your guests

You must consider knowing who your guests are and what they like to eat. For example, if you are hosting a dinner party with a Japanese corporation, then it wouldn’t really be appropriate to serve hot dogs and hamburgers at the event.

Instead, you will want to serve the kind of food they would normally eat in their native land. In the case of the Japanese, this would be fish, sushi, teriyaki, rice and etc. That way you will earn their respect and it will help you in developing a business relationship together. The same applies with business people of all countries, not just Japan.

Corporate catering venues

Corporate events should also be indoors whenever possible. You don’t want your event to look like an outdoor picnic with flaming grills and flies buzzing around. Instead, you want to have your event inside a building with a comfortable room temperature and lots of cleanliness.

Remember that presentation of the event is just as important as the food that’s being served. Even the food should be presented in a professional manner with chefs placing the food on people’s plates or waiters bringing the food directly to the guests’ tables.

Serving the food

Depending on the type of corporate event, you will want to figure out if it is a good idea to let people serve themselves or not. Usually an event with Fortune 500 corporate representatives won’t even want to get their own food. They will expect it to be delivered.

These are the considerations you have to make when hosting a corporate event. Let us know if you have questions or comments (leave below) about catering to your next corporate event.

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